Why custom framing?

"In a world where almost everything we buy is machine-made and mass-produced, there are few areas of life which afford us the pleasure of commissioning something made by hand. This luxury is still available in choosing a frame for a picture."

- Piers and Caroline Feetham, The Art of Framing, 1997

Whilst machinery is used in our production of frames, much of the process is still done by hand, allowing you much more variety and detail to suit your needs. Arriving at the best result takes time, patience and careful thought, but the end product, a made-to-order custom picture frame, will be unique and should give you pleasure for many years to come.

When you think about it, we usually keep our artwork, photos and other treasured items our whole lives. That's why we at Riverside Gallery believe in preserving these items whilst visibly enhancing their presentation. We create designs you'll want to live with for a long time, and use materials that will provide a 'home' for your art that is safe, long-lasting and beautiful.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
— Napoléon Bonaparte

What services do we offer?



We have a variety of framed prints on show, ready for purchase. We also have catalogues which you can browse through at your own leisure, and we can order any of these prints for you.



 Mirrors are a great way to make a room appear larger and they help bring in the light. We have mirrors in stock that can be purchased directly from our gallery. You can also order mirrors cut to size which we can then frame for you, or you can have it unframed with a bevel or plain edge.


shadow boxes

 Shadowboxes are used when you want to frame something that has depth, eg. boxing gloves, musical instrument etc. We can accommodate any size item or artifact and make it look amazing on your wall.

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